December 2016

The Benefits of Cloud-Based Document Management

The creation and storage of digital documents in business has become ubiquitous in recent years. Any documents not created digitally are eventually scanned and stored that way. Filing cabinets and boxes of folders feature less and less in our work lives as time goes on. This is good for business efficiency and also more environmentally friendly than traditional paper records. But are you storing your files and records in the… Read More »The Benefits of Cloud-Based Document Management

Effectively Tracking Your Business Statistics

Businesses are familiar with the statistics relating to their accounts: profit and loss, turnover, sales, etc. But fewer actively measure and track the actual activity of the day-to-day processes they engage in. Large firms have taken advantage of analytical software in order to make savings and streamline their processes to increase profits. Business analysts are paid high salaries to interpret this data and implement changes in company policy. One striking… Read More »Effectively Tracking Your Business Statistics