February 2017

Managing Business Processes During Growth and Expansion

As your business grows, your business processes may have to adapt. Sometimes in subtle ways, sometimes through radical overhauls. Using software, you can plan and design these changes ensuring your growth continues in a steady and organised manner. Tracking your business statistics can help you decide which business processes are to be scaled up and concentrated on during a period of growth. Continuous improvements can be made based on data… Read More »Managing Business Processes During Growth and Expansion

Case Management and Quantity Surveying

Quantity surveyors are expected to manage a large number of documents and notes relating to building projects, while continually travelling between various working locations. The role is primarily making sure that projects come in on time and under budget. It is also essential that building regulations are adhered to, and so they must have a thorough understanding of this matter, and how its going to affect any particular project. A… Read More »Case Management and Quantity Surveying