September 2017

Workflow Automation and the Access Economy

Automated workflow software makes it possible to create and realise business models that would have not necessarily been profitable in the past. By cutting overheads such as physical business locations and administrative infrastructure, barriers to entry in the market are significantly lower. The decreasing cost of server space has also contributed to the viability of cloud-based business platforms. Small companies can provide services over larger geographical areas, and serve more… Read More »Workflow Automation and the Access Economy

Automated Resource Management

This quarter, we are releasing one of our biggest new features, our resource manager, that manages the booking of employee time and other resources, such as hot desks, vehicles, etc. You can allocate work to employees based on their skills, geographical area, and/or time availability. The resource manager is also flexible, allowing you to manage, not just employees but anything that needs to be booked for a period of time,… Read More »Automated Resource Management

Optimise Your Email Inbox Management

An exciting new ‘Email to Task’ feature has recently been added to SwiftCase that has proven to increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction. The overall goal was to optimise the management of incoming emails. Clients who adopted this feature have noticed the following benefits: Increased productivity from automatic processing of emails Efficient management of employee workload Greater accountability from assigning an employee to be responsible for each task Better oversight… Read More »Optimise Your Email Inbox Management

Long-Term Planning with Automated Business Data

Long-term planning as a business is important to stay relevant and competitive in any given market. However, it is essential if you are looking to expand your market share, or diversify into other sectors. Automating the generation of business data can be incredibly useful day-to-day to assist your business in meeting targets and deadlines, as well as giving you an idea of overall performance. However, this data can also help… Read More »Long-Term Planning with Automated Business Data

SwiftCase for Managers

This is the first in a series of posts that introduce the functions and benefits of SwiftCase through the eyes of users at various levels in an organisation. Each day, we’ll be looking at how SwiftCase is used day-to-day by people depending on their roles and responsibilities. From managers and administrators, to staff allocated tasks and projects in the field. Managers The first benefit of SwiftCase that business owners and… Read More »SwiftCase for Managers

Upcoming Document Manager Improvements

During 2017, we have started development to rebuild and restructure a number of SwiftCase features into microservice architecture, or simply microservices. This is the principal of developing software applications as a series of individually deployed, lightweight modules that perform specific tasks. Each of these then communicate with each other in order to achieve goals and tasks. This gives a more modular structure to the software and improves re-usability, allowing for… Read More »Upcoming Document Manager Improvements

Ready or not – GDPR is coming in May 2018

Consumers and businesses are increasingly savvy about how companies handle their data. With the advent of ‘Big Data’ and targeted, personalised direct-marketing, clients are growingly concerned about what business know about them, how they are using that information and, after some high-profile breaches, the safety of their data. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) brings new data security requirements for businesses that will apply from May 2018 onwards. Despite being EU… Read More »Ready or not – GDPR is coming in May 2018

What’s new with SwiftCase?

Since the very beginning, our vision has always been for SwiftCase to continually improve and adapt to our users’ needs. The main advantage of cloud-based software is that it can be updated and expanded at any time, with no disadvantages to, or effort required by the end-users. 2017 so far has seen a number of new features and enhancements to SwiftCase, all designed to make it a more powerful and… Read More »What’s new with SwiftCase?

3 New Ways to Standardise Your Dynamic Documents

Why waste countless working days writing reports, letters and documentation when SwiftCase can do it for you in a matter of seconds? Our customers have revolutionised the way they produce documents through some simple, but ingenious time saving methods. Here are three ways you can use your SwiftCase system to reduce admin time when it comes to writing up those pesky reports. 1. Standard paragraphs If you write bespoke reports… Read More »3 New Ways to Standardise Your Dynamic Documents