October 2017

Creating effective business documents

Invoices, statements, reports, quotes and receipts, your business needs to communicate specific and accurate information with clients and staff and make sure that everything is watertight from a legal and business perspective. You want to make sure there is no confusion at all when it comes to what services you are providing, and the relevant agreements involved. To create effective, relevant documents, there are four primary factors you have to… Read More »Creating effective business documents

Staying organised has never been easier

Get important work tasks organised quickly, with a minimum of fuss, using powerful to-do-list functionality. Customise what and how information is displayed on your to-do list, and provides users with instant access to the most relevant task information. See how SwiftCase can help you to create optimised, automated lists for your tasks, get your free, no-obligation SwiftCase demo today.

Automated compliance management made simple

Staying compliant with compulsory regulation is a necessary part of running a business. Non-compliance can be punished with severe fines and penalties, so it is essential to keep up-to-date and understand what is expected and the most efficient way of achieving that. There are a number of reasons businesses might be regulated, including measures introduced to reduce or eliminate the following: Environmental damage Risk of illness or danger to staff,… Read More »Automated compliance management made simple

Rollout begins for SwiftCase 2.0

As discussed in our previous article What’s new with SwiftCase? the SwiftCase team have been hard at work over the past year, implementing our versatile workflow management platform into a variety of different sectors and industries; including healthcare, finance, insurance, legal, marketing, construction and more… SwiftCase 2.0 is a culmination of the individual and unique developments that many of our clients have requested over the course of the past three… Read More »Rollout begins for SwiftCase 2.0

Enabling Two-Factor Authentication in SwiftCase

We’ve previously discussed how Two Factor Authentication has become increasingly important in an age of serious cyberattacks. This blog is a guide showing you how to enable Two Factor Authentication within SwiftCase itself, giving you a high standard of online security. Download Google Authenticator App The Google Authenticator app can be found at the App store, or on Google Play,, depending on your phone’s platform. Figure 1 Enable 2FA on… Read More »Enabling Two-Factor Authentication in SwiftCase

Business process management and day-to-day productivity

Business process management (BPM) is a method of breaking down the day-to-day tasks of an organisation into distinct stages that make up a workflow, and optimising this process to increase quality and productivity. When this is done properly, it can have huge benefits for employees at all levels. Good BPM leads to staff knowing what is expected of them, and at exactly what point. Everybody understands their place in the… Read More »Business process management and day-to-day productivity

Protect your business from ransomware

What is Ransomware? Ransomware is a form of malware that restricts users from accessing their own system and usually also encrypts important files. This forces the victim to make a decision: either make a ransom payment (within the stated timeframe) or risk permanently losing all of their files and/or system access forever. It should be noted though, that making a ransom payment may not necessarily recover encrypted files. There have… Read More »Protect your business from ransomware

Document Management has never been this easy

Our powerful and secure cloud-based document manager feature could completely change the way you go about creating and sharing documents like invoices, statements and estimates. If you need accurate and well-designed business documentation, see how SwiftCase saves you time, money and effort.

Does your company need business process management?

As a business grows, it may run into unexpected obstacles that slow productivity and further growth. These false-starts can be draining and frustrating – just as you thought your plans were coming to fruition, something blocks your path. What are some of these obstacles and how can they be overcome? Tasks are not clearly defined or standardised As you employ more staff, you will be delegating a greater proportion of… Read More »Does your company need business process management?

Workflow planning for the best results

Every company has business processes they follow to achieve their goals. But are the processes you are working with really the most beneficial and efficient in terms of productivity? Are they reliably delivering the same high quality results every time? The concept of workflow, in terms of industry, has been around for over a century. But in recent years, an increased focus has been placed on automating workflow using specialist… Read More »Workflow planning for the best results