November 2017

Intelligent, automated approval process control

For many SMEs, tracking paperwork, delayed response times and getting tangled in a thread of emails has become the norm when it comes to managing their approval process. Remedy this with an intelligent approval management system , fit for all your business needs. SwiftCase increases efficiency and streamlines your approval process by implementing an automated solution that works smarter, not harder. If you’re interested in a free, no-obligation demonstration, get… Read More »Intelligent, automated approval process control

Communicate and collaborate with a client portal

Giving your clients access to the information you hold about them promotes self-service, communication, collaboration and integration of business processes. It saves you time spent on relaying information from your system to your clients via email, phone call or meetings, letting you focus on your responsibilities. If you’re interested in a free, no-obligation demonstration, get in touch today.

Getting employees on board with new software

Adopting a new software solution can bring significant boosts in productivity and efficiency to your business, especially when you are looking to stay relevant in a competitive market. Whether it is reducing overheads, introducing new services, or providing better customer service, you want the best tools available. One of the main hurdles in making sure new technology is adopted right across the board, is reluctance on the part of some… Read More »Getting employees on board with new software

Move on from manual data entry

Gathering, maintaining and analysing accurate, up-to-date information is the key to understanding your current business performance, and planning for the future. Getting all of this data into one place, where you have quick access to it is easier said than done. Traditionally, businesses have relied heavily on the manual entry of data copied from paper forms. For example, interested customers would fill out their contact details for a company in… Read More »Move on from manual data entry

Automate your time and expenses tracking

In business, accurately managing time, expenses, costs and fees is vital. With large numbers of transactions relating to staff, clients, and suppliers, as well as other external factors, there is a significant benefit to automating this process. SwiftCase can automate this process to increase productivity and help you focus on providing an excellent service to clients. If you’re interested in a free, no-obligation demonstration, get in touch today.

Identify and eliminate bottlenecks in your workflow

Often in your business workflow, you’ll notice that one stage or process causes holdups that slow down the entire chain. This phenomenon is known as a “bottleneck”. Long queues form, staff are missing task deadlines, and customers are unhappy. Bottlenecks vary in severity, from temporary holdups caused by employee absence to more serious structural issues that need in-depth analysis to correct. Some bottlenecks may not even seem to be a… Read More »Identify and eliminate bottlenecks in your workflow

Backing up essential business data

With the rise in recent years of hacking attacks and malicious malware affecting organisations of all sizes, it is more important than ever to back up your business data on a regular basis. But considering the multiple systems, documents and databases involved in keeping your business moving, it can be hard to know where to start. Inventory and priorities Before you can even begin to archive existing data, you need… Read More »Backing up essential business data

Five benefits of adopting a cloud-based platform

As the cost of server space has fallen and broadband speeds have increased, we have seen the widespread adoption of a new model for the delivery and licensing of software. Cloud-based software is a platform whereby a provider hosts a program, and allows users access over the net, often for a monthly subscription fee. In contrast to the traditional model of customers paying for a physical copy or digital download,… Read More »Five benefits of adopting a cloud-based platform

Automate your audit process

Whether you need auditing for legal compliance, tax reasons, accounting, or for internal performance reviews, you’ll have noticed how the process can be time-consuming and sometimes expensive. As well as the audit itself, you have to be constantly aware of how you are recording information on a day-to-day basis for inspection in future. Penalties for non-compliance can be severe, and your continued operation as a business could be in jeopardy.… Read More »Automate your audit process

How SwiftCase makes compliance simple

With an increasing number of rules, follows a growing number of consequences. Now more than ever, it is necessary for UK businesses to stay compliant in their work. SwiftCase provides all the tools you need to stay ahead of the pack and keep on the right side of the law If you’re interested in automating your business processes with a powerful, cloud-based software platform, get in touch today.