January 2018

Why is user experience so important in BPM?

Traditionally, some of the more powerful BPM systems have had the disadvantage of being inaccessible to users lacking specialist training, or programming skills. As BPM moves to the cloud and becomes increasingly common for smaller and medium sized businesses, systems need to be user-friendly and straightforward in conveying information. Rather than being confined to management and IT departments, business process software should be an integral part of your working processes… Read More »Why is user experience so important in BPM?

Prioritise your business tasks and achieve business goals

Prioritising your business tasks is an essential part of avoiding missed deadlines increasing productivity overall. What are some concrete steps you can take to ensure you are working towards both of these goals? Organise your To-Do List At the beginning of each working day write a list of tasks that are achievable in a day. Highlight the jobs that are the most important to get done, and once completed cross… Read More »Prioritise your business tasks and achieve business goals

Reducing human error through automation

The possibility of human error presents challenges varying in scope and severity across every sector of industry. Mistakes made by employees might cause a loss of revenue or a missed deadline for some organisations, but in fields like engineering or healthcare, the results can be disastrous. In the realms of administration and information technology, human error often takes the form of information being incorrectly collected, typed, or even omitted altogether.… Read More »Reducing human error through automation

Automate your sales process and increase conversions

The framework used to gather new leads and customers is variously described as the sales “funnel”, “pipeline” or “process”. Drawing from concepts like AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action), a plan is drawn out to define the steps required to attract new business consistently. From marketing to initial communication, to drawing up a contract, a clear path is set out to ensure positive results are repeated. Traditionally, a sales team… Read More »Automate your sales process and increase conversions

Apprenticeship goals for the year ahead

Aims for the year ahead I plan to develop a range of abilities that are relevant to the modern IT industry. Starting out with a basic grounding in SQL, HTML and Java, I look to expand on this foundation, as well as learning PHP and Javascript to a proficient level. Achieving these goals will allow me to contribute code towards improving and expanding SwiftCase. My understanding of SwiftCase SwiftCase is… Read More »Apprenticeship goals for the year ahead

Is it time to switch to a client portal?

If your business is dealing with a high volume of requests and enquiries via phone and email, you may find effectively staying on top of communications a major pain point. Staff expending time and effort to constantly update clients on the progress of their cases is an inefficient and outdated way of achieving a work goal, that should be simple and straightforward. The exchange of information to keep both parties… Read More »Is it time to switch to a client portal?

Business process management for online retailers

According to the Office for National Statistics, online retail sales increased by 14% between 2016 and 2017, with an average weekly spend of £1.2 billion. E-commerce in the UK now accounts for 17% of all spending by pound value. Larger retailers dominate the platform, with low-pricing strategies that can make competing difficult for small and medium-sized businesses. Smaller vendors tend to concentrate on specialist products and providing expertise and advice.… Read More »Business process management for online retailers

Bitcoin and altcoins – what are the differences?

Released as open source software in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency ever invented. Since then many other cryptocurrencies have been created, these are known as “Altcoins.” “Altcoin” is the combination of two words, “alternative” and “coin,” in essence, this means any cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin. As of January 2018, there are over a thousand altcoins in existence. Typically, cryptocurrencies aim to solve an underlying problem within… Read More »Bitcoin and altcoins – what are the differences?

Business to business communication via PDF

The creation of the PDF aimed to make the dream of the paperless office a reality. Developed by Adobe in the early 1990’s, the format allows sending of text and graphics in the same document electronically. These days a PDF can be viewed on any device, password-protected and printed locally. Another useful feature is the ability to add forms which can be completed and returned digitally. PDFs are now easier… Read More »Business to business communication via PDF

Technologies that could benefit your SMB in 2018

In recent years, technology previously only available to major companies with large budgets has become available to small and medium sized businesses, allowing them to compete on a more level playing field. What are some of the technologies that could provide your business with higher productivity and efficiency? Cloud computing Cloud computing is an information technology model that enables widespread access to resources hosted on remote servers, avoiding the need… Read More »Technologies that could benefit your SMB in 2018