February 2018

Cut out high overheads with automation

Operating with high overheads is one of the major impediments to growth facing small and medium-sized businesses. Regardless of productivity or profitability, a certain proportion of your revenue will automatically be given over to rent, utilities, administration and taxes. Even if you are able to optimise your business processes to provide better services at a lower cost, fixed overheads can remain a real burden. In the worst cases, left unchecked,… Read More »Cut out high overheads with automation

Automation and better risk management

Managing risk should be a priority for any company, regardless of size or industry sector. Most business owners and managers are aware of some of the potential threats to their productivity and revenue, but have not yet put a coherent structure in place for dealing with them. Risks need to be identified, evaluated and prioritised according to severity and likelihood of occurrence before a strategy can be planned out an… Read More »Automation and better risk management

Stay competitive with business process management

Pinpointing the exact steps your business needs to take to stay competitive can seem overwhelming. The last thing you want to do is put finite time and resources into activities that don’t lead to results. How can you ensure the policies set in place to keep up in a challenging market really work? Research As well as carrying out market research in terms of demand, it is worth looking at… Read More »Stay competitive with business process management

We’re hiring PHP Developers – Join the SwiftCase team

Want to join the SwiftCase team and work in a creative, thriving environment that rewards you with flexibility, a highly competitive salary, free lunch on a Friday and a fantastic culture? Where We Are We are based in Hoylake (2 minutes walk from the train station on the direct line to Liverpool), on the Wirral. Responsibilities and Duties Work as part of a development team, taking a lead role in… Read More »We’re hiring PHP Developers – Join the SwiftCase team

How crowdsourcing could boost your business

Crowdsourcing is an organisational model in which a single person or business obtains access to goods and services, including ideas and money, from a large, open and often rapidly-changing group of people, usually via the internet. By dividing work between disparate participants, significant results can be achieved. Many businesses would probably not consider crowdsourcing a viable option, yet if implemented correctly, it can be beneficial for a number of reasons.… Read More »How crowdsourcing could boost your business

The benefits of a diverse client base

For a small or medium-sized business, gaining a large client that consistently makes orders and pays on time would seem like an obvious blessing. Being able to rely on a steady flow of work is reassuring, but there are also major downsides if one or two clients make up the majority of your revenue. The most obvious problem is that if the one organisation you rely on goes under, you… Read More »The benefits of a diverse client base

Expanding your geographic reach through automation

One method of achieving business growth is expanding your geographic reach. If your immediate market is saturated and new clients are thin on the ground, looking further afield might be the only option. Traditionally, this has meant opening new premises and the overheads that go along with that or trying to manage staff from afar, which brings its own set of difficulties. Expanding your area of coverage hopefully results in… Read More »Expanding your geographic reach through automation

Apprenticeships and online training

The Learning Process Over the course of the past three months, I have continued to study the basics of programming, developing skills essential to working in the IT industry. Gaining a solid foundation in languages such as HTML, SQL, and CSS3 allows me to contribute towards improving SwiftCase, as well as any other projects involving an online user interface. Training: Week 1 The first week of my online training was… Read More »Apprenticeships and online training

Designing a workflow? Stay on track

Drawing up a workflow to map out and organise your business processes may seem straightforward, but underestimating the level of accuracy and detail required could cause major problems after implementation. Carefully consider the following factors if you want to see positive productivity results and avoid headaches further down the line. It’s important to remember that rather than just mapping out business processes, you have the potential to improve them for… Read More »Designing a workflow? Stay on track

The benefits of automated resource management

At the start of 2017 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) account for 99.9% of all UK businesses, contribute 51% of all private sector turnover and makeup 60% of all private sector employment in the UK. As such a vital part of the UK economy, it is important that they achieve their goals to grow and prosper. Optimising usage of available resources and internal business processes is key to this success.… Read More »The benefits of automated resource management