March 2018

The Challenges of Bulk Email

Bulk email is email that is sent to a large of number people. It is usually a marketing email sent to prospective clients that advertises a company’s products. It may also be an email sent to a company’s current clients advising them of new products or special deals. The emails may also be informative, advising clients or staff of something they have achieved recently. It could also be an email… Read More »The Challenges of Bulk Email

Handling Cash flow Problems

“Cash flow problems mean a business spends more than it earns”[1]. In 2016 reported that 54% of Small and medium sized enterprises identified cash flow problems as one of the biggest obstacles to business growth[2]. Cash flow problems occur when expenses such as rent, pay roll and supplies is more than sales. The problem can be caused by customers paying their invoices late, inhibiting operation and growth and ultimately… Read More »Handling Cash flow Problems

Introducing new products and services

If you’re looking to increase market share, or turn around a stagnant business, then introducing new products or services could be the answer. But there are a number of factors to consider beforehand to ensure your best chance at success. Attract new custom From your experience and knowledge of your business sector, as well as market research, what products would expand your customer base? Are they significantly different from what… Read More »Introducing new products and services

Responsive design for business applications

Optimise Processes Get the right tasks, to the right people, at the right time. Sync specific jobs with people, who are both available and have the necessary skills. Improve your productivity, by improving your workflows. Cut any unneeded steps, and run processes simultaneously, to reduce the time taken to complete tasks. With workflow management software (What is a workflow?), you can visually create step-by-step procedures, and optimise them, using workflow… Read More »Responsive design for business applications

Identify and fulfill customer requirements

The essential foundation of good customer service is a thorough understanding of who your customers are, and what it is they want from you. What’s the most effective way of achieving this, and seeing concrete results? Understanding customers Collecting relevant, accurate information about your existing customers is the first step. Looking at the goods and services they are purchasing from you, in what quantities, and the revenue this generates. Going… Read More »Identify and fulfill customer requirements

Don’t let regulation hamper your business growth

Complying with regulations imposed on your business can be expensive and time-consuming, often threatening future growth and profitability. The law may require you to gather and track data, compile reports, or even change your business structure and practices entirely. Compliance is an industry in itself, with consultants and lawyers providing advice and counsel for business too overwhelmed to concentrate on both their day-to-day work and making sure they stay on… Read More »Don’t let regulation hamper your business growth

Reduce time spent on administration and accounting

Market research carried out by Sage shows that the UK’s small and medium-sized businesses currently spend the equivalent of almost 150 days per year on administrative tasks. If this time was re-allocated to core business activities, it could lead to an increase in GDP of at least £33.9 billion per year when combining figures for all UK SMEs. For SMEs in the UK, the most significant administrative task is accounting,… Read More »Reduce time spent on administration and accounting