May 2019

Drinking your morning coffee – another business process to be optimised?

I am a caffeine addict. Yes the multiple health benefits (protection against Parkinson’s, and heart disease etc.) are nice, but I would probably drink it even if it gave me a lobotomy. The neurochemical action of caffeine is fascinating: it blocks a receptor in your brain for adenosine, a molecule that carries phosphate groups around to release the high energy from the bonds when needed. We feel tired when adenosine… Read More »Drinking your morning coffee – another business process to be optimised?

Room 404: Web Design Trends – SwiftCase Productivity Podcast #28

Welcome to Room 404! Today we’re discussing our three biggest issues with particular web design trends… but only one of them can be banished to Room 404 forever. Don’t forget to comment on which item you would choose, or perhaps you have another problem in web design you would suggest? Let us know! If you like what you’ve heard and want to catch all the latest weekly episodes, be sure… Read More »Room 404: Web Design Trends – SwiftCase Productivity Podcast #28

Less = More Productivity

It’s easy to fall into the mindset of more equals better. After all, it feels great knowing you’ve been busy answering all your emails first thing in the morning… until you realise you’ve lost half your day. During my career as a software developer, I’ve worked with some pretty verbose codebases. Code that works fine but soon becomes a nightmare to update as you’re wading through tonnes of redundant logic… Read More »Less = More Productivity

What’s New in SwiftCase 2.5?

With the release of SwiftCase 2.5 right around the corner, we thought we’d give you a sneak peek at some of the exciting new updates coming in the latest version. Workflow Builder Updates Last year, we trialled the Workflow Builder with a number of our customers. We’ve listened to your feedback and made some key changes to the way the workflow builder works. We’ve removed question groups to make building… Read More »What’s New in SwiftCase 2.5?

The IKEA effect: a double-edged screwdriver?

I have previously discussed the effect of Edward Bernays on public relations and corporate advertising. He famously ushered in the acceptance of taboo products by engaging with the public on an emotional level, appealing to their irrational impulses rather than their critical sensibilities. One such taboo product was instant cake mix; so ignored by consumers because there was an irrational guilt associated with hastening a process that was traditionally seen… Read More »The IKEA effect: a double-edged screwdriver?

All the Gear, No Idea – SwiftCase Productivity Podcast #27

Whether it’s music, photography, tech or sport there are particular participants who feel the need to spend big and conspicuously demonstrate their supposed expertise. Today we discuss having all the gear, but no idea. If you like what you’ve heard and want to catch all the latest weekly episodes, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

SwiftCase Success Story – Fare Safe

Fare Safe, a taxi support network that provides services, savings and peace of mind to taxi drivers around the UK, has recently signed up to SwiftCase – and it is already making a significant impact to their day-to-day operations. Manual tasks that would previously require significant administration, such as producing documents, sending messages and managing follow-ups, have been streamlined, organised and automated in one centralised workflow management system. The team… Read More »SwiftCase Success Story – Fare Safe

Interview with Westminster Associates – SwiftCase Productivity Podcast #26

Last month, on episode #14 of the SwiftCase Productivity Podcast, we interviewed Paul Thompson about the work he does with Westminster Associates – a fascinating discussion about improving personal and team effectiveness and the Insights Discovery model. This time we are joined again by Paul and his fellow director, Kevin Bill of Westminster Associates North America. We elaborate upon some of the themes of our previous episode and discuss some… Read More »Interview with Westminster Associates – SwiftCase Productivity Podcast #26

Discover how to come up with a business idea in 2019

Series: How to start your own business in 2019 Do you want the freedom of being your own boss? Or do you want to change the world with your grand vision? Either way, starting a business in 2019 is a great step towards realising your dream. In this series, I will take you through the steps you need to take to turn your idea into a business. We will cover… Read More »Discover how to come up with a business idea in 2019

Discover our Favourite Apps Part 2

Welcome back to our favourite apps. This article ties together the last of Adam, Craig, Alkis and Phil’s best picks. ALKIS’ PICK – BUX Not limited to stock trading and investing in general, this app makes the concept of finance and stock trading easier to swallow by structuring it as a trading game, offering a secure experience of financial markets. BUX is particularly good for people coming in unfamiliar with… Read More »Discover our Favourite Apps Part 2