February 2020

The Clearview Controversy: Could this software affect your chances of getting hired? | SPP #86

Clearview AI is a new American startup specialising in facial recognition technology. They have just been hit with a cease and desist from Facebook after the company secretly collected billions of images of individuals without their consent. https://www.cnet.com/news/clearview-ai-hit-with-cease-and-desist-from-google-over-facial-recognition-collection/ As well as this, the software can track individual social media activity which businesses could use to screen potential candidates and job seekers, and is currently being distributed to police departments to… Read More »The Clearview Controversy: Could this software affect your chances of getting hired? | SPP #86

Productivity Management Methods & Resources Manual

When you gain insight into your personal learning preferences, you can approach your work in a manner that best suits your natural style, including: how you manage your time, problem solving, approaches to decision making, and dealing with stress.   Mutual understanding of how yourself and your co-workers or group members best perform will improve workplace morale as well as productivity. If you see any of them struggling or not achieving… Read More »Productivity Management Methods & Resources Manual

ARG: The Ultimate Viral Marketing Method?

You know about viral marketing and virtual reality, but you’ve probably never heard of Alternate Reality Gaming. This type of advertising is so intense it can literally get in your face.  An Alternate Reality Game (ARG) is the catch-all term for an interactive networked narrative that uses the real world as an integral platform and combines multiple media forms (transmedia) to deliver a detailed fictional experience. One game generally runs for about… Read More »ARG: The Ultimate Viral Marketing Method?

Letting Huawei build UK’s networks: Is 5G worth it? | SPP #85

A recent governmental decision made by Boris Johnson allows Chinese tech giant Huawei to continue its limited role in British telecommunications and contribute to building the UK’s new 5G networks. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-51283059 This video summarises the best benefits we can gain from widely implementing 5G; the next generation of network connectivity that enables you to connect to the internet via mobile devices. Decide for yourself if you think 5G is worth… Read More »Letting Huawei build UK’s networks: Is 5G worth it? | SPP #85