Kyle Gardner

National Apprenticeship Week: Kyle’s Story

Hi, I’m Kyle. I joined the SwiftCase team last year as their first ever apprentice. March 4th – March 8th 2019 is officially National Apprenticeship Week, so I sat down with the team to answer some questions about my experience over the past year! What made you decide to do a software development apprenticeship? I decided to take the challenge of learning to become a software developer because I have… Read More »National Apprenticeship Week: Kyle’s Story

Apprenticeships and online training

The Learning Process Over the course of the past three months, I have continued to study the basics of programming, developing skills essential to working in the IT industry. Gaining a solid foundation in languages such as HTML, SQL, and CSS3 allows me to contribute towards improving SwiftCase, as well as any other projects involving an online user interface. Training: Week 1 The first week of my online training was… Read More »Apprenticeships and online training

Apprenticeship goals for the year ahead

Aims for the year ahead I plan to develop a range of abilities that are relevant to the modern IT industry. Starting out with a basic grounding in SQL, HTML and Java, I look to expand on this foundation, as well as learning PHP and Javascript to a proficient level. Achieving these goals will allow me to contribute code towards improving and expanding SwiftCase. My understanding of SwiftCase SwiftCase is… Read More »Apprenticeship goals for the year ahead