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Create Child Task

Last Updated: 2022/05/04
  • Click on the ‘Forms & Actions’ tab to configure the status page. This will display a blank box with an ‘Available Actions’ bar on the right-hand side.
  • Drag and drop the ‘Create Child Task’ action from the Available Actions into the blank box.

create child task.png

  • In the content box, add any text you want to appear before the Child Task button.
  • Select a question from the child task workflow in the ‘Show Question’ box.
  • In the ‘Button Text’ box, type in what you wish to appear on the button.
  • In the ‘Button Key’ box, type in a key to use when creating the moving rules.
  • Customise the button colour and style in the ‘Button Type’ box. ‘Default’ will make the button blue, ‘Success’ will make the button green, and ‘Danger’ will make the button red.
  • You can input either yes or no in the ‘Allow Move Status’ box, to allow or disable the button key from being used in moving rules.
  • In the ‘Visible to’ box you can add users who you want to be able to view the ‘Child Task’ button. Internal Users can see the content by default.
  • Under ‘Visibility Rules’ you can hide the ‘Child Task’ button until question(s) from forms are answered by clicking the ‘Add Question’ button and adding a question. You can add more than one question and also add a specific answer, so the box will only show after this specified answer.