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How to add a Button

Last Updated: 2022/05/12

Buttons are used to change statuses. You can customise what appears on the button, and also set up moving rules for the button. To learn more about the Button Clicked moving rule, view our guide.

Adding a Button

Click on the Forms & Actions tab to configure the status page. This will display a blank box with an Available Actions bar on the right-hand side.
Drag and drop the Button action from the Available Actions into the blank box.

If you want for any content to be displayed before the button, add this in the Content box.
Add what you wish to appear on the button in the Button Text box.
Add a key into the Button Key box. This will be used when creating the moving rules e.g if the button is a Complete button the key could be complete_key and you would use this key to move the status to Complete.
Customise the button colour and style in the Button Type box.
  • Default: the button will be blue.
  • Success: the button will be green.
  • Danger: the button will be red.
You can control who is able to see the button by adding or excluding user types from the Visible to: box.
Under Visibility Rules you can hide the button until question(s) from forms are answered, by clicking the Add Question button and adding a question. You can add more than one question and also add a specific answer, so the button will only show after this specified answer.