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How to create a Document Template

Last Updated: 2022/05/04

Document Templates can be configured in your workflows on your SwiftCase system, Documents can be populated by Task answers and this guide will run through the set-up of a Document Template.

Creating a Document Template

  • First off go to the sidebar->Admin->Document Template.
  • This will take you to the Document Template page.
  • Click on the '+ Create Template' button on the top left-hand side of the page.
  • This will take you to the Create Document Template page.
  • Add a 'Document Name', 'File Name', and select a 'Category' in the relevant fields.
  • Add a 'Header Template' and a 'Footer Template' from the drop-down boxes.
Create Document Template Page
  • Under Advanced Options, you can customise the format and layout of the document.
Create Document Template Advance Options
  • Under Image set options, you can add and create image sets.
Create Document Template Image Set Options
  • Add your HTML into the blank space, below is a brief example of what the HTML content will look like.
Create Document Template HTML Content
  • In the 'Insert Task Information Tag' drop-down box, there are User, Question, Task, and File Tags to copy and paste into your email template. Tags are used to generate and display information- allowing each document to gather specific information.
Create Document Template Task Tags