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Work Remotely? Together.

Work Remotely?
Work Together.

Discover hassle-free results while working from home, powered by the software designed to keep your work, your files, and your team together.

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Everyone on the same page

Stay Organised

Your tasks stay organised on a clear, and easy to use dashboard, which informs your team with who is doing what and when it needs to be done.

Be A Better Team

Stop hunting for missing files and emails. All your documents and communications are stored securely with your tasks, giving you complete control.

Get More Done

Get More Done

Your team will always know which work is high priority, and how to access information they need to complete tasks, so, they can focus on what matters – and get more done!

Join 100,000s of users who transformed their business and delighted their customers with the magic* behind Together.

*Together is powered by SwiftCase the professional productivity platform.

Work remotely while staying secure.

Give your team the flexibility to work anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Your data stored, and backed up, safely, in the cloud. 

Share work, files, and ideas with your team, clients and suppliers – no more hopping around loads of systems!

Protect sensitive information, so, only those with the right permissions can see it.

Get your team's emails under control
Connect your team

Connect and automate to boost efficiency

Connect and automate the way your team works with the magic of Together.

Your business will flow more naturally, dramatically boosting your efficiency, leading to enhanced profitability.

Integrate your existing systems, like accounts, email and marketing, and save time from entering the same information over and over.

Effortlessly refine your business processes

Select your workflows from our extensive library of efficient business processes, that covers everything from billing your clients to handling leave requests. 

Add your tasks, along with the relevant information your team needs to complete their work.  With everything clear and accessible, your team can work flexibly around all their commitments.

Stay in control of where things are at, and what’s next using Together’s task listings with progress counts and built-in SLA alerts.

How To Work Together

We think you will love working together, but we want you to be sure. So, we want to give you a month free to try working together with your team. 


We won’t ask for credit card details or have pushy salespeople call you up (that’s not our style!) We’ll guide you, and your team, to get the most out of Together for your business.


If after your month is up you would like to keep working together with us – brilliant! 


For just £30 a month (inc. VAT) for a team of up to 10 team members – you can keep working, sharing and achieving great results.


PS If you have a larger team, or need more storage space – no problem – give us a shout, and we will help you out.

Work Together

£ 30
a month
  • Up to 10 team members included
  • 50GB storage included
  • Over 30 workflows built-in

All backed up by UK-based support team.
We have helped hundreds of thousands of users just like you…
…they gave us the Capterra Best Ease of Use 2019 award for SwiftCase
– The magic behind Together

Capterra Best Ease of Use Award

Get up and running quickly and easily.

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Convert Leads Into Sales

Get results from your marketing, and tranform your leads into more sales.  Stay in complete control of the journey from lead to prospect, opportunity, and then make that sale.

Automate your follow-ups, save time and stop missing those opportunities to convert.  

Boost your sales, with your team all on the same page, along with the accountability of a complete audit of each step of your mission.

Get More Done
Everyone on the same page

Take Control Of Your Projects

Gain a clear perspective on your project, and how it helps you to reach your business objectives.

Prioritise your resources and guarantee their efficient use.

Keep control of the budget, schedule and scope of your projects accurately from the start.

Manage IT Hardware & Software Requests

When working remotely, your team will rely on its technology. By managing your IT requests efficiently, you can ensure that everyone can work effectively.

Keep track of who has what and where. Organise upgrade rollouts so none of your team is overlooked, and can always do their best work.

Handle tech problems before they impact performance with a centralised support system, with a complete history of issues and resolutions.

Future into Present

Over 30 more workflows built-in

Start Working Together

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Discover How You Can Automate Your Business And Connect Your Apps With SwiftCase.

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Discover How You Can Automate Your Business And Connect Your Apps With SwiftCase.

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