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Capterra Best Ease of Use Award
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1. Organise your tasks choosing from our extensive workflow library, covering key business processes, or build your own with our no-code visual workflow builder.

2. Automate repetitive processes, including data entry, communications and compliance management, to gain significant time savings.

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3. Integrate your business systems, from customer service and operations, to sales and accounts, to eliminate data entry errors and missed opportunities.

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Connect and automate to boost efficiency

Connect and automate your business processes with the help of our powerful platform.

Your business will flow more naturally, dramatically boosting your efficiency, leading to enhanced profitability.

Integrate your existing business systems, like accounts, email and specialised industry applications. Sharing data is simple, with your team benefiting from a single unified system – no more hopping around isolated systems.

Connect your team

Work remotely while staying secure

Give your team the flexibility to work anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Your data stored, and backed up, safely, in the cloud. 

Deliver direct access to information to your staff, clients and suppliers, while protecting sensitive data with custom roles and permissions.

Effortlessly refine your business processes

Automate your standard processes, responses & communications to achieve significant time savings.

Effortlessly configure & refine your processes to improve productivity through an easy to use visual workflow builder.

Compete at the highest level, supported by the might, speed & security of a multi-functional automated platform.

Everyone on the same page

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For just £30 a month per user (inc. VAT) – you can automate and integrate your business – achieving amazing results.


PS If you have a large team, want to go pro/enterprise, or just need more storage space – no problem – give us a shout, and we will help you out…


If you don’t need all the awesome power of SwiftCase but want to get organised and boost your business, then check out Together powered by SwiftCase for a budget-friendly option.

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  • Unlimited workflows
  • 50GB storage included
  • Unlimited integrations

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…they gave us the Capterra Best Ease of Use 2019 award for SwiftCase.

Capterra Best Ease of Use Award

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