Workflow Automation for Case Management

Workflow is a concept that originated in manufacturing, describing the breakdown of processes that lead to a finished product. More recently, this idea has been expanded to encompass business activities such as providing services or processing information.

Getting your business’ workflow right can make all the difference in terms of productivity and profitability. Are you making the best use of your resources? Are you consistently getting the results you need on time? Not efficiently planning the activities leading to your final product can mean making a loss or even losing customers.

Like everything else today, workflow is very often planned and automated using software. Although a lot of medium-sized and smaller firms may feel this approach is beyond their budgets and expertise, this is not necessarily the case anymore.

In SwiftCase we call your jobs, tasks or other items of work a “case”. Cases can be broken down into their constituent parts and optimised accordingly. Each given attribute such as time to complete, cost or methods employed. There are huge benefits to planning and executing just the right workflow for your cases.

SwiftCase is a case management solution tailored to your workflow. Each component process can be automated precisely to your specifications and requirements. From case creation to records kept to staff member notifications, we look at exactly what your business needs to do day-to-day to thrive in the long term.

Case management in various industries differs widely. Medical, legal, and service industry cases have very different workflows. SwiftCase can be tailored to give a solution for your business needs – This means knowing that you are meeting your targets and serving your clients effectively.

SwiftCase is a cloud-based, mobile-integrated software solution for all kinds of Case Management. Get in touch today.

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