Project Management and Workflow

Without a clear framework to guide you towards your goals, managing a new project can be a daunting task. You need to know when and how to organise and start processes, motivate and manage your staff, as well as acquiring the necessary resources to put to best use.

The first step in successful project management is breaking your project down into tasks, and defining the stages that they go through towards your final goal.

Workflow is how these stages are decided on, how they are ordered, and it also defines the transitions between them. Each individual stage in your workflow will also move through various states indicating how near they are to completion. For instance, a customer opening a new account with your business, appointments they make with you, evaluations of progress, and any record keeping that goes along with this process. Good project management will set the ideal timespan for each stage, the resources required, the staff allocated to each stage, as well as their level of responsibility and associated duties.

The central idea is introducing and setting repeatable processes that lead to the same desired end result each time, giving you a solid basis for estimating how long a task and its parent project is going to take. This is important when you have tight business deadlines. It also helps you give you staff guidelines on how long they can spend on a particular task.

Utilising workflow in your project management benefits staff at all levels. Employees know where they stand in the hierarchy and exactly what their duties are at any given time. They have set procedures they can follow, as well as a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities.

SwiftCase offers you a way of automating workflows, making your project management efforts more likely to lead to the results you need, within the time frames you have set.

SwiftCase ensures every task undertaken is guided through stages and states predetermined by you, monitored and logged in real time. Our RAG feature keeps you and your staff up to date with where they should be up to with their work and the amount of time allocated to it.

If you’re looking for a workflow software solution that ensures you meet your project management goals on time, get in touch today.

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