Increase Your Reseller Revenues with SwiftCase

With the current widespread availability of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, businesses are increasingly looking to take advantage of cloud-computing to organise and delegate their workload. Staff are now able to work on the move, interacting with their employees through a specialist app or website.

SwiftCase is a cloud-based workflow manager that is designed to automate the workflows that run through an organisation, replacing spreadsheets, text files and Outlook reminders with one centralised system. With its easy to use interface, your clients can keep their employees connected through mobile devices like phones and tablets, perfect for staff travelling between multiple locations for jobs.

By automating workflows with SwiftCase, managers can cut administration times dramatically, leading to an increase in profitabilty and growth. Its versatility has led to it being adopted by clients in a wide range of industries; including document collection, accident assessment and medical case management. You can benefit as a reseller by providing an adaptable, highly efficient system to clients.

SwiftCase includes a number of features that make it attractive to businesses looking for a software solution. Custom statistics with graphs and charts, automated SMS delivery, an RAG system to help meet service level agreements, and more are part of the system, all whilst being secure and user-friendly.

If you’re interested making commissions with a workflow management solution that’s attractive to a wide range of clients in numerous industries, get in touch today.

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