Automated Resource Management

This quarter, we are releasing one of our biggest new features, our resource manager, that manages the booking of employee time and other resources, such as hot desks, vehicles, etc.

You can allocate work to employees based on their skills, geographical area, and/or time availability. The resource manager is also flexible, allowing you to manage, not just employees but anything that needs to be booked for a period of time, for example, training sessions, meeting rooms, etc.

Allocating work to your team, ensuring that they are doing the work they are best suited for and everyone is doing an even share can be a headache, especially when you manage a large area. Putting this alongside managing when staff are off work on holiday or sick, the task becomes even more irritating. Our resource manager just takes the details of the task and intelligently matches them with the best person to do the work.

If you need to make sure only staff with specific training or certification carry out certain tasks, then you can match tasks with the skills of your employees, making sure you are compliant with any legal requirements. Also, by automatically matching skills to work, you make your workflow more productive, as expert staff are not doing basic tasks, and junior staff won’t be thrown in at the deep end.

If you are a sub-contractor, and your client wishes to make a booking directly with their customer, things can get complicated, with time wasted going back and forth to settle on a time, on which, both you and the end-customer can agree. Or you have to deal directly with the end-customer, requiring you to have a customer service team solely to make bookings on your client’s behalf. Our resource manager can soothe this pain, by letting your client make an appointment with their customer, either through their access to your portal or by direct integration with their systems through the resource manager API. Direct booking saves time for both you and your client, as well as giving your business a unique selling point to prospects.

The resource manager lets your staff set their availability, holidays, dental appointments, sickness, etc., can all be managed from a familiar calendar interface. Central management of availability means fewer cancellations due to human error and eliminates the problem of double bookings.

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