The Environmental Benefits of Workflow Automation

Automating your workflow with a software solution can increase productivity, save you time and stress, and help your business to grow. But one overlooked benefit is that it could contribute to reducing your carbon footprint.

Save the Trees

UK statistics regarding paper waste are worrying. A lot of businesses, even in 2017, use large amounts of paper. Professions such as law and accountancy still rely on paper documents in a lot of cases. These are not exceptions sadly, and in the UK, businesses waste thousands of tonnes of paper every year.

The average UK office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper per year. That’s 20 reams of paper (500 sheets per ream) or 4 boxes of paper overall, with a cost of around £10 each. 6800 of the 10000 sheets used are thought to go to waste. Over 40% of all wood pulp produced for UK consumption goes towards making paper.

Switching to a paperless, IT solution for your communications, records, and spreadsheets is the first green benefit you will notice. Documents can be stored and accessed online, without the need to print – while still retaining the option for when it is an absolute necessity.

Drive your Business

As SwiftCase reduces double bookings and cancellations, it can significantly decrease fuel consumption for wasted trips. You can ensure drivers are only travelling to where they need to go, and at the correct times.

The optimum speed for fuel consumption is around 40 to 55 mph (64-89 km/h) in top gear. Obviously, this can differ a lot depending on the vehicle you are driving, but across the board, over 60 mph, mileage decreases and journeys become far less economical.

If drivers have plenty of time in advance to get to their jobs, their driving style will be less wasteful, you can even plan their trips at a set speed, by distance and appointment time.

Bin the Commute

Swiftcase allows you to run your business more efficiently, reducing the need for extra office space, phones and desks. Decreasing office space minimises the amount of energy needed for heating, lighting and air conditioning with positive benefits for the environment.

As staff can access the system from any laptop, desktop or mobile device, they do not need to endure the daily commute to the office, good for the environment and employee flexibility. Your staff can find out what tasks they need to complete and at what times, from home, or on the road.

If you’re looking for a business process platform, that could reduce your carbon footprint, while also saving you time and money, get in touch today. get in touch today.

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