Google Pixel 2 vs iPhone X – What’s best for your business?

For most of us, smartphones are pretty much a necessity, rather than a luxury item, despite their expensive price tag. This hasn’t changed, with the latest line of Google Pixel and Apple iPhones being announced to much fanfare.

Nowadays, many industries heavily rely on smartphones to operate, in particular the business sector. Years ago, the go-to business smartphone brand was BlackBerry. Unfortunately, BlackBerry hasn’t been the most successful in recent years, with its iconic keyboard failing to stay relevant in a quickly changing industry. The market has since been largely dominated by Android and Apple.


Price is obviously a big factor when deciding which smartphone to purchase. Businesses may need to buy numerous devices for their employees, the costs of this can quickly skyrocket. The iPhone X and Google Pixel 2, being flagship products are undoubtedly going to be expensive items, however many did not expect the extraordinary starting price of £999 for the iPhone X. The Google Pixel 2 comes out quite a lot cheaper at £629.


Security is very important for businesses, especially for those dealing with sensitive data. This is where the iPhone X can succeed over the Pixel 2, Apple strictly curates its App Store and controls both the hardware and software, this means that there’s a lot less malware on Apple products, than on Android devices, which are completely open source and has a fairly unrestrictive Play Store.


Both the iPhone X and Google Pixel 2 have class-leading specifications. They match up pretty evenly in this aspect.Notably though, both do not contain a headphone jack.

Pixel 2 iPhone X
Display 5.0 in 5.8 in
Processor Snapdragon 835 A11 Bionic
Battery 2700mAh 2716mAh
Headphone Jack No No
Price £629 (64GB) & £727 (128GB) £999 (64GB) & £1,149 (256GB)

What should I buy?

Both have their pros and cons, the Pixel 2, at £629 is £370 cheaper, yet lacks the security of the well-controlled iPhone X. Hardware-wise, they both match up evenly in this aspect, since they use the most advanced technology. Ultimately, it will depend on what the businesses needs are.

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