Does your company need business process management?

As a business grows, it may run into unexpected obstacles that slow
productivity and further growth. These false-starts can be draining and
frustrating – just as you thought your plans were coming to fruition,
something blocks your path.

What are some of these obstacles and how can they be overcome?

Tasks are not clearly defined or standardised

As you employ more staff, you will be delegating a greater proportion of
your work. Every member of staff needs to understand that there is an
optimised way of carrying out a particular task, and that the process
needs to be carried out the same way every time for consistent results.

Business process management increases efficiency by giving everybody a
clear framework under which to operate, and clear targets to meet. If
something is going wrong, you can see very precisely why this is

Work is being delayed, or missed out on entirely

Do you miss out on jobs or have to give clients long lead times because
of disorganised working practices? BPM could help your company more
effectively meet targets and evaluate what type of work is worth taking
on – by looking at its plausibility and profitability.

Records are not being kept, or are inconsistent

Do you have clear records of who you customers and suppliers are, and
what business you’ve done with them? Do you have contact details at hand
for those organisations to get in touch at any time? Do you know your
sales figures for any given period of time, and what products or
services they break down in to exactly?

Business process management not only guides you going forward in terms
of running a successful business, it also lets you look back and see
where your strengths and weaknesses are, as well as who you’ve dealt
with from outside, and what you’ve done for them.

Communication breakdowns cause errors and waste

Are you sending staff to cancelled appointments? To the wrong addresses?
Do they have the right tools for a particular job? All of this can be
solved if you are communicating the right information at the right
stages of your business process.

Managing business processes effectively keeps everybody on the same
page, including subcontractors and customers. You can organise feedback,
take notes and alert staff to jobs and deadlines without any confusion
or repetition.

Get organised and grow your business with confidence

Organise your business process management with a cloud-based platform
that can be accessed on mobile devices anywhere, at any time. SwiftCase
lets you automatically assign work, generate documents, send emails and
produce graphs and charts of your business performance. See how you
could book a free no-obligation demo today.

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