Automated compliance management made simple

Staying compliant with compulsory regulation is a necessary part of
running a business. Non-compliance can be punished with severe fines
and penalties, so it is essential to keep up-to-date and understand what
is expected and the most efficient way of achieving that.

There are a number of reasons businesses might be regulated, including
measures introduced to reduce or eliminate the following:

  • Environmental damage
  • Risk of illness or danger to staff, customers,and the general public
  • Poor auditing and accounting standards, incomplete company records
  • Corruption or bribery in business dealings
  • Poor quality goods or services that do not meet the standard expected

Compliance management is the process that ensures your organisation is
staying on the right side of the law across the board, made up of the
steps taken to monitor and enforce compliance. Managing compliance
involves setting up procedures and controls within a company, as well as
the documentation and benchmarks overseen by managers.

The adoption of business process management software can help with this
effort significantly. You can record data in real time, documentation
can be created automatically from existing records, and alerts can be
set to enforce benchmarks. All of these things give employees a clear
framework to meet regulatory standards consistently.

SwiftCase provides these tools and more. As well as helping you to run
an efficient, streamlined business, our cloud-based based platform is
ideal for industries where regulatory compliance is a legal and ethical

Examples of SwiftCase assisting compliance management:

Medical rehabilitation

Managers can use SwiftCase to set reminders to collect patient
consent. Legally, they need to renew this permission within a given
timeframe. So, if it has not been renewed within that limit, the case
can no longer proceed until it is given and recorded.


Businesses in this sector need to carry out health and safety checks,
such as those involved with working at height. Documentation can be
completed by employees out on the job, and instantly reviewed by
management at head office. If satisfied, then work can proceed. This
saves the time and effort involved in having the managers travel out to
the site itself.


Workers in the financial industry can ensure they have collected all of the
necessary legally-required information on documents, for example,
Letters of Authority. Automatic emails can be generated, listing any
missing information, and sent back to the staff member responsible,
which must be included before the case can proceed.

There are times when staying compliant becomes more complex and
challenging, such as when your business is growing, expanding the range
of services it provides, or when new government legislation has just
been introduced. SwiftCase’s flexibility means that it can adapt to your
requirements, ensuring you avoid fines and penalties that could
significantly hurt your bottom-line or harm caused by unregulated
business practices.

If you’re interested in consistently meeting your regulatory obligations
by using a powerful business process management platform, free, no-obligation SwiftCase demo today.

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