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Managing your business on the move

Last Updated 2022/04/12

Rooted in one place?

While you may do business in multiple locations, with a mobile workforce covering a large geographic area, often the act of managing and tracking this activity is rooted in one spot.

As a manager dealing with client enquiries, allocating work and planning projects, you may still find yourself out in the field but staying on top of administration while on the move can be inefficient and opportunities to do so, sporadic. You find yourself continually making phone calls and catching up with emails feels like doing work second-hand. Things often have to wait until you get back to the office, by which time major opportunities and deadlines have been missed.

Cloud-based solution

A cloud-based solution will free you from your desk, allowing you and your staff to log in anywhere with an internet connection, rather than have the software installed in one location.

If you need up to date business information, wherever you are, then it is worth considering the switch to a cloud-based solution, with the benefits of mobile access. Instead of maintaining your own office servers and network infrastructure, often at considerable cost and operational risk, data is stored in the cloud, updated in real-time and can be connected to through a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone, as well as traditional office laptops or desktop devices.

Look professional - access valuable information at a glance, rather than calling the office and having another staff member relay what you need.

Stay in the loop

Access SwiftCase, a workflow management system, via a responsive interface that works on mobile devices, as well as desktops and laptops. Easily see how projects are progressing, and manage work on the move. Check your employee, location, and performance data when and wherever you need.

Get automatic updates via email and text messages, triggered by significant events, such as an approaching deadline. Setup custom alerts, sent straight to your text or email inbox, for what matters to you.

Data gathering, analysis and collaboration

Upload documents and photos to SwiftCase on the move, immediately giving access to any staff with the required permission. Data can be collected in real-time, on-site, as work is carried out, cutting out the need to fill out paperwork and records later on at the office. Facilitate collaboration between employees, working many miles apart, including remote workers who never return to base.

If you are interested in effectively and efficiently managing your business, while on the move, get in touch with us today.

Adam Sykes