What areas of your business are ready for automation?

As a business owner, you’re continually looking to reduce overheads and
increase productivity. One of the most effective methods of achieving
these goals is automation. The term “automation” may bring to mind
factory robots or self-driving cars. But administrative tasks common to
almost all businesses can be automated without the need to pay out for
expensive equipment or additional IT staff.

You may feel frustrated that your company isn’t growing as quickly as it
could be, considering the potential market share. Or, you may be
struggling to keep up with growth, and have more work enquiries coming
in than your administrative staff can book and record. Either way,
automation can provide solutions to these problems, once you have
identified where to apply it effectively.

SwiftCase is a cloud-based platform that allows you to automate various
tasks within your business to provide significant productivity results.
Here are just three examples of the automation provided by Swiftcase.

Allocation of Work

Allocating jobs to staff members can be a labourious process. Firstly,
finding out who is available to attend a job at any given time, the
areas they cover, and the skills required. Secondly, contacting that
employee to inform them of the details of the task at hand. In a fast
moving marketplace, you want to make sure you are not missing
appointments or turning up unprepared.

SwiftCase automatically matches up staff members to tasks by criteria
such as working hours, skillset and postcode, before contacting them
through email or SMS message. Employees can even enter their own details
through an easy-to-use web-based interface. So you can always ensure you
have the right people for the job.

Gathering Data

Whether it’s for your own internal uses, or for external auditing, the
work involved in keeping records, notes and figures can often be a real
distraction from getting on with the work itself. Constantly updating
spreadsheets, lists and even paper documents, and then wading through
them all at a later date when the information is needed.

SwiftCase gathers the information you need in real-time, as work is
being carried out. In the background, every case, its cost and the time
taken, as well as notes and correspondence, are being updated
continuously. With this data, you can generate charts and graphs, export
spreadsheets, or look back using the detailed search function.

Generating Documents

Whether you need to create invoices, draft proposals, or compile
performance reports, documentation can take a big chunk out of you
working day. If you are regularly filling out forms or updating customer
information, then you’ll be glad to know a quicker, less repetitive
solution is available.

SwiftCase produces clear, accurate, attractive business documents
quickly, using up-to-date information gathered by the system. You can
set logic to include or exclude sections of a document, depending on the
details entered. These documents can be downloaded in PDF format,
emailed, or securely shared online with only those given the right

As more and more industries see the benefits of automation, make sure
your business doesn’t get left behind. Get in touch with us today, for a
demonstration of our powerful, cloud-based business process platform.

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