Essential statistics for business reporting

We have previously written about how effectively tracking business statistics can have significant productivity benefits for your company. However, what are some of the key insights you can use to make the best decisions for the future?


Time is money, and analysing the average amount of time taken to complete tasks, gives you a greater handle on profitability. Get a clear idea of how long a job should take, and if that timeframe can be shortened.

Even by simply tracking job numbers, by services offered, provides exceptional insight for comparison with other time periods.


Once you have statistics on the services you’re providing, the next step is to evaluate them by a cost-to-price ratio. You might even find that you are working at a loss in one area, and stop offering a particular product completely. If one kind of job is highly profitable, look at how you can offer similar services.

Some customers are more profitable than others, and tracking client statistics will help you identify them. Providing an organisation with hours of training or customer support for little revenue can be a major drain on your resources. Knowing which customers are the most profitable by industry and demographic can shape your marketing efforts going forward.

Staff Performance

A staff member’s productivity can be evaluated by the number of jobs they complete in any given time frame, and the revenue generated by that work. Overall productivity can be increased by replicating the working practices of your best employees. What are they doing that others can learn from?

As well as productivity, other factors such as attendance and punctuality can be tracked for each employee. Having these figures at hand helps make it clear to a staff member when they are falling short of expectations.

Customer Satisfaction

Ask customers to rate your performance, and keep track of how you are doing over time, this is crucial for retaining business in the long term. Dissatisfied clients are at risk of moving to other providers, even if they pay on time and everything appears fine on the surface.

Log performance issues and complaints from customers and see what problems are regularly occurring, and nip them in the bud before they result in lost business.

How SwiftCase helps

SwiftCase offers an easy to use business reporting solution. Collect data in real time, securely, and access powerful analysis tools.

Generate charts and reports on this information using custom criteria. Achieve all of this within one cloud-based platform, rather than juggling multiple spreadsheets and your email history.

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