Five benefits of adopting a cloud-based platform

As the cost of server space has fallen and broadband speeds have increased, we have seen the widespread adoption of a new model for the delivery and licensing of software.

Cloud-based software is a platform whereby a provider hosts a program, and allows users access over the net, often for a monthly subscription fee. In contrast to the traditional model of customers paying for a physical copy or digital download, and hosting it themselves, using their own hardware.

Access can be granted in the form of a specialist interface, or more often, through a standard web browser. The increasing adoption of cloud-based software by individuals and businesses alike is easy to understand when we look at its benefits.


If your business is growing, then a cloud-based platform is ideal. As your workload increases, and you take on more staff, they can be added to the system at a faster rate, so you don’t have to go through the hassle and effort of buying, installing and configuring individual copies for each new employee.

Temporary staff can be signed-up or removed as required, and you are not stuck with redundant, pre-purchased software.


Having a centralised system which users can log into from anywhere, has the benefit of getting everybody in your organisation on the same page. Rather than employees having to copy and share documents by email, they can create and edit in real time, allowing for fast, efficient collaboration.


Cloud-based software removes the need for purchasing on-site hardware such as servers and hard drives, as well as paying specialist IT staff or contractors to setup and configure your new system.

Paying a monthly subscription is a more attractive option than a large one-off payment that might stretch your IT budget at a time when you are looking to expand operations.

Regular automatic updates

Rather than the onus being on you and your employees to update software, a cloud-based model can be updated across the board for all users, automatically. No more emailing and reminding staff to install upgrades and patches, when you could be getting on with more pressing tasks.

Access anywhere

Cloud-based systems offer the benefit of working from multiple locations, rather than a single, fixed address. Users can log in via mobile phones or tablets, work from home, or out in the field, updating records in real time, increasing efficiency and productivity right across your organisation.

SwiftCase’s solution

SwiftCase is a cloud-based, business process management platform configured to your organisation’s specific needs, whatever your industry.

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