Automate your sales process and increase conversions

The framework used to gather new leads and customers is variously described as the sales “funnel”, “pipeline” or “process”. Drawing from concepts like AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action), a plan is drawn out to define the steps required to attract new business consistently. From marketing to initial communication, to drawing up a contract, a clear path is set out to ensure positive results are repeated.

Traditionally, a sales team draws a plan up. Then, using email, phone calls and meetings with potential customers, they work towards achieving sales targets on a month-by-month basis. This arrangement requires a sizable administration team and budget, yet surprisingly often leads to less than optimal results.

A better way

Gathering potential leads together, and getting them to convert, without the long-winded bureaucracy, is the ideal situation. Finding a way to communicate to people what it is that makes your product great should be your focus, not maintaining the machinery behind that.

Business Process Automation is the solution to missed opportunities, high sales admin overheads and customer drift. By introducing automation into your sales process, you can aim for better results on a smaller budget.

Staying focused

Mapping out and automating the stages that make up your sales process provides clarity and certainty. Each task can be broken down and allocated to sales managers, administrators, marketers, telecanvassers and representatives at the required time. Everybody is on the same page and understands their role in the organisation, with a simplified daily routine.

Scheduling the right actions at the right time is essential for any sales process. Knowing just when to follow up a lead, or get back in touch with a client can make all the difference. Having predetermined guidelines for the amount of time to wait to move on to the next stage provides certainty that opportunities won’t be missed. Automatic reminders and emails mean that once the process starts, you won’t have to worry about anyone getting left out of the loop.

Clearer understanding

Over time, you’ll want to know what strategies and methods are bringing the best results, and how to repeat that success, while correcting the things that haven’t gone as planned. Having your tasks broken down into stages helps identify bottlenecks and pain points. If new clients aren’t signing up, then you will know precisely where the problem is arising.

Having statistics directly to hand is a huge boost for any sales effort. Being able to see the number of leads and conversions, how they were achieved, and by what team members, can help you make vital decisions for the future. Clear, accurate figures take the guesswork out of evaluating your progress.

How SwiftCase helps

Swiftcase is a powerful, cloud-based business process management system which can be configured to facilitate excellent sales results.

  • Set up a workflow for your sales process, and allocate staff members to tasks automatically.
  • Set reminders and automated emails to keep sales staff and clients on track.
  • Get an overview of your results with statistics collected in real time, generate useful charts and graphs.
  • CRM and client portal features keep customers informed and satisfied with progress.

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