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Automated business activity monitoring

Last Updated 2022/04/12

Manually checking through a system for problems, or information such as which tasks are closest to a deadline can be time-consuming and prone to error. Actions like running reports, executing database queries and using a search function are a partial solution, but not ideal. There is a better alternative which reduces both the time taken by employees and provides more accurate results.

Automating the process

Business action monitoring (also known as business action management) gives business system users the opportunity to concentrate on the core purpose of their day-to-day work, by removing the requirement to look up information to monitor events constantly. The less time spent within an organisation running reports and search queries, the more resources can be employed towards improving business results.

This goal is achieved by monitoring system events automatically, according to parameters (such as time periods) set beforehand. Management and system developers decide which information will need to be pulled, at what time intervals, and how it needs to be displayed to users depending on their role within the organisation.

What can BAM do specifically?

BAM can measure the time it takes for an activity (such as replying to an enquiry) to be executed, and either bring up an alert or prompt an automated message to be sent out by the system.

By monitoring events in real time, data can be gathered to ensure you meet business goals for finances, SLAs and customer satisfaction. Having this breakdown of performance indicators at hand can significantly help in making vital business decisions for the future.

The benefits

  • Increased transparency; relevant information can be collected, analysed and shared
  • Optimising efficiency; costs are lowered, work goals are achieved more frequently
  • Better identification of risks and opportunities through more accurate data
  • Greater competitiveness and flexibility from a wider understanding of your business in the context of a given market

How SwiftCase helps

SwiftCase is a business process management platform that incorporates event management features such as:

  • Configure notifications to alert you to important events
  • Comprehensive log of system events
  • Role-based permissions provide secure access to event records
  • Search criteria allow you to find exactly the event information you need

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Adam Sykes