The benefits of automating your approval process

Most modern organisations have set processes in place to approve
actions in areas such as project management, expenses, annual leave,
pricing, and hiring. These decisions need to be assigned to either a
person or group with the expertise and authority necessary to carry them

Unfortunately, this process is often hampered by a lack of clear
direction. Emails, phone calls, spreadsheets and Word documents are
circulated, sometimes containing inaccurate, contradictory information.
By introducing automation via a centralised system where no data is
duplicated, you can increase efficiency and avoid misunderstanding.

Roles and access

Defining the roles attached to the approval process, as well as which
staff are to be designated particular tasks, ensures that a consistent
framework for approval control is established and maintained, with a
minimum of conscious effort. This is achieved by breaking tasks down
into stages, and defining exactly when an action needs to be approved,
and by who.

By imposing an access management protocol, with varying levels of
access depending on roles and skills, including mandatory strong
passwords and two-factor authentication, you can prevent your data
falling into the wrong hands.

Straightforward and productive

Having a comprehensive overview of a task, and all relevant
information associated with it ensures the approval process is as
straightforward and productive as possible. By comparing the amount charged
for a service, and the cost to provide it, decisions can be made based
on commercial viability. Having financial information associated with
every task, and automating the any calculations involved, you eliminate the need to search through financial records.

By categorising work by complexity, approval can be granted based on
an estimate of the time it will take, as more work is tracked through
the system, these estimates increase in accuracy, based on past

Integrating staff absence and annual leave information into your
approval process means you can automatically defer a job to an
alternative employee if your original choice is unavailable for whatever
reason. Leave can be granted or denied based on accurate workload
estimates for the near future. All system users can enter the hours and
locations they are available for work, significantly cutting
administration overheads.

How SwiftCase helps

SwiftCase is a powerful business process management platform,
incorporating automated approval process features which let you:

  • Automatically allocate approval to the right staff members at the right
  • Prevent any misunderstanding or unnecessary work by eliminating
    duplicate or redundant information
  • Alert relevant users to tasks after a timeframe has passed, prioritising
    the most urgent work at hand
  • Have an overview of all approval process activity through an intuitive
    user interface with secure role-based access
  • Comprehensive, searchable log of all approval process events

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