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Cut out high overheads with automation

Last Updated 2022/04/12

Operating with high overheads is one of the major impediments to growth facing small and medium-sized businesses. Regardless of productivity or profitability, a certain proportion of your revenue will automatically be given over to rent, utilities, administration and taxes.

Even if you are able to optimise your business processes to provide better services at a lower cost, fixed overheads can remain a real burden. In the worst cases, left unchecked, they can lead to reduced profits, a lack of internal investment, poor cash flow, or even contraction and bankruptcy.

Traditional measures to increase efficiency through higher productivity can only go so far. Stretching resources, time and staff workload past a certain point results in diminishing returns. The quality of products decreases, staff morale falls, and a clear vision for future change and growth is neglected.

Not necessarily fixed

There are ways to reduce or even eliminate overheads that at first seem intractable. Rather than simply trying to optimise existing processes, new solutions can be introduced.

Administration overheads can be cut significantly by adopting technology to automate everyday business processes. Rather than expend time and resources on constant spreadsheet editing and manual data entry, repetitive tasks can be handled by a dedicated, centralised software system. This solution increases accuracy and productivity while bringing down costs at the same time.

IT costs can be alleviated further by moving to cloud hosting. Storing data and software on a secure external server accessed over the internet eliminates the need to maintain expensive IT infrastructure on-site. This also has the benefit of allowing employees to work away from a single location.

Physical premises

Business premises can be a real drain on funds, especially in prime business locations where rents are prone to constant increases.

As more people communicate, shop and do business over the net, having a physical headquarters becomes less relevant. With the right combination of technology and working practices, it may not be required at all. Evaluate how your employees provide goods and services to your clients, and whether this can be done away from a current high-cost location. It may even bring benefits to your company in terms of flexibility and geographic reach.

Resource allocation

By automating the allocation of resources (including staff), greater efficiency can be achieved by reducing the time and effort spent getting the required resource in the right place at the right time, without quality control or unnecessary stress imposed on employees.

Allowing clients to book resources through a portal and letting a dedicated system designate them through predetermined rules and criteria, means less waste and lower storage costs.

SwiftCase is a powerful, cloud-based business process management platform that can significantly reduce your business overheads, leaving you free to invest in growing your company and adapting for the future.

  • Automate repetitive tasks, lower administration overheads
  • Reduce IT overheads with a cloud-hosted solution
  • Work anywhere, rely less on expensive physical premises
  • Make the most of your business resources with automatic allocation

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Adam Sykes