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We’ve been featured in the May issue of Wirral Life Magazine. Check out the article below:

Future company, available today

In the future, we’ll have self-driving cars, computers doing office admin work and understanding natural speech, with robots building stuff for us. This statement is half correct, except for the ‘future’ part. These things are occurring right here, right now. Across the UK, a diverse range of innovative businesses have taken advantage of available technology to enhance the way they work significantly. This is particularly true in the white collar world, where professionals are leveraging automated systems, many augmented by artificial intelligence (AI), to fulfil routine administrative tasks. For example, a solicitor running a conveyancing case spends over 80% of their time working on administrative tasks; a role often given to trainees or even outsourced to cheaper workforces in other countries. The additional 20% is what the solicitor trained for, the juicy legal bits. However, instead of hiring more junior admin staff, innovative firms have turned to automated systems. The benefits are vast; they run 24/7, tasks take seconds, not days, there is no human error, AI systems learn and become better the more experience they gain. So, why isn’t every business adopting automation? There are a few theories about this. The Luddites attacked factories and smashed machines in the 19th-century industrial revolution; today, people are still resistant to change, although thankfully we’ve seen less violence against PCs! Evolution is a scary thought for established businesses and their staff; after all, there have been many recent news stories about redundancies as machines replace and increasing array of jobs. The first AI computer to beat a human at chess was two decades ago, and so far it seems content at being king of a board game, wth no ambition to take over the world. AI is here to complement us, not replace us. However, a more fundamental reason may exist. Many people think this technology is coming in the future, whereas the reality is we’re already using it. If you use Google, Amazon, Instagram or any major online service, then they already process your data with a variety of AI systems. Facebook uses textual analysis to understand what you share, photographic recognition to see who or indeed what (RedBull love knowing when their products appear in certain places) is in your photos and several other systems based around Deep Learning (Google it for yourself!). The team at SwiftCase have created a workflow management system, to help thriving businesses, swamped by growing demand, automate and organise to focus on what matters. Automate and enhance your administrative tasks. Dramatically increase your business efficiency while providing control and insight to management. Free your team to focus on delivering a quality service to delight your clients. The costs of having a system are recouped within weeks with the added benefit of having a significant advantage over competitors. Discover the advantages of the fourth industrial revolution for your business, contact the SwiftCase team at www.swiftcase.co.uk or find us on social media @SwiftCaseUK. Check out the full issue of the magazine here
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