Checklist for an optimised business

Are you doing everything you can to grow your business? Or, if you are an entrepreneur thinking of beginning a start-up, have you considered these essential elements to implement for peak performance? The SwiftCase Productivity Podcast brings you this checklist, with advice devised by Dr Adam Sykes, to question whether your business structure is as productive and effective as it can be.

The three main sections of this video:

00:12 – ✔ Is your selling point unique? Do you have a buyer persona and know exactly what type of people your target audience are?
Your unique selling point needs to be unique. The offer needs to be bold. There is no point in selling more of the same or a small incremental improvement. You need to find your tribe, the community that loves what you do. You need to know who they are, where they are and what will excite them. Then offer to change their life and deliver on the promise.

03:20 – ✔ Are you using the right tools for the right tasks?
You wouldn’t use a spanner to hammer in a nail, and you wouldn’t use a whiteboard pen to sign your next big business deal.
Make sure you use tools like spreadsheets for the right thing, and use the best suited tools for your growing enterprise, at the right time, and you will immediately see leaps in your productivity and further growth in your business.

08:04 – ✔ Are you doing everything you can to eliminate time wasters and maximise productivity in the workplace?
Cut these unnecessary time wasters from eating up the time you could be using to develop your business and handle more important issues. Useless meetings, intrusive emails, unorganised planning, poorly prioritised work, and inefficient negativity are all subtle but resource and energy draining.

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