How can we keep positive in 2020?

As we make our way through the new decade, we are already being bombarded with new tragedies and challenges, as well as ever-increasing questions. Should we be trying harder or less? Are things getting worse? Or are we actually doing pretty good and we just don’t know it?

In this rather philosophical episode of the productivity podcast, Phil talks through what can cause long periods of melancholy and how it’s important that we should understand why this happens. Aiming for happiness as a goal in itself is dangerous, as it is an almost meaningless concept for long-term planning. Does aiming for happiness mean aspire to be in a blissful haze of ecstasy as frequently as possible? Does it mean being more emotionally stable?

Things definitely used to be simpler – but that doesn’t mean better. Mental health is finally being recognised as a priority, but we are still learning what to do with it. Society is more complicated than ever, however it’s up to us to help each other as well as ourselves.

UK Mental Health Helplines and Resources
Global Mental Health Helplines and Resources

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