Letting Huawei build UK’s networks: Is 5G worth it? | SPP #85

A recent governmental decision made by Boris Johnson allows Chinese tech giant Huawei to continue its limited role in British telecommunications and contribute to building the UK’s new 5G networks. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-51283059

This video summarises the best benefits we can gain from widely implementing 5G; the next generation of network connectivity that enables you to connect to the internet via mobile devices. Decide for yourself if you think 5G is worth the hypothetical risks of further integrating Huawei into UK communication technology.

It promises super-fast speeds, improved reliability and versatility that creates a whole new collection of use cases. The issue with Huawei is that there are various possible concerns for intelligence and cyber security. However, the UK has been using Huawei equipment for its previous telecom infrastructures and so rejecting it now will be a costly setback and require the existing infrastructure to be changed.

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