Do we blame the media too much? | SPP #88

Whenever a celebrity casualty occurs, fingers start pointing. In recent cases, this has been directed towards the media – namely tabloids and social media such as Twitter, which is itself a hotbed of controversial conversation.

Everyone likes to weigh in on the topic of a public figure, especially when that individual has committed a wrongdoing of some kind, but when a fatality incurring incident follows the shaming, there seems to be an outpouring of outrage towards tabloid press, implying it as the root cause of the problem.

Phil and Adam discuss how this is reminiscent of video games being blamed for school shootings and violence in young people; people turn to a tool to blame, because it’s tangible, when there more than likely might have been more than one underlying issue that influenced the situation for a long time – such as mental health, which you can’t see.

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