Don’t Get Lost – Let software manage your quotes for you

Updated 04/03/2020

Word, Excel and Outlook are out of date when it comes to preparing quotes. Why waste vital time with manual operations when you could switch to software that handles it all for you? Here are three ways automation software can help you manage your quotations:

Quickfire quote generation

Generate queues of quotations in no time so you can spend your time working on more leads. Leave behind the stress of administration and let software produce quotes while you and your staff carry out the important stuff. You don’t even need to lift a finger to send them out, as this can all be done automatically. Close deals with electronic signatures and other data inputs so you can put the pen and paper away for another day.

Configure for calculations

A program can be configured tell you your quotes, profit margins and other calculations depending on your business model and operations. Instead of a bulky calculator and inefficient spreadsheets, use logic and historical data with workflows that are personalised to your processes.

Watch your conversions climb up

Keep on top of every quote and reduce the rate of forgotten emails and missed opportunities. Chasing up leads can be more of an afterthought but you won’t even have to think about it with automatic follow-ups. Track and compare quote progress to gain detailed insight into every action performed on the task, and how you and your team can improve for the next time. So there you have it, three ways automation software can streamline your quotation process so you can focus on what matters – providing the best service for your customers and bringing more leads through the door!
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