Why did the Science Channel let Mike Hughes take off? | SPP #91

Amateur rocket builder and daredevil ‘Mad’ Mike Hughes suffered a fatal launch accident on the 22nd, during filming for the Science Channel’s (which has yet to comment on whether or not production will continue) show “Homemade Astronauts.”

The purpose of the project was to launch Mike 5,000 feet (1.5 kilometres) towards the atmosphere via his homemade steam-powered rocket, funded by the Flat Earth society. On social media, there has been a consistent rate of dissent against the Science Channel, shaming them for aiding the man’s decidedly unscientific plans, even with the clear inevitability of disaster and high risk of casualty, then catching it on film for views.

Among the discussion is who to blame for this – the Science Channel, the Flat Earth society, or Mike himself. It has been pointed out that he must have been aware that the stunt was virtually set to fail, and that he may have gone in with the purpose of ending his life rather than fulfilling his love of launching rockets.
It has been proved that the rocket project had nothing to do with proving the Earth was flat, as he stated:
“Although I do believe in the flat Earth … this was never an attempt to prove that.”
“This flat Earth has nothing to do with the steam rocket launches, it never did, it never will. I’m a daredevil!” he added. He additionally shared that he wanted to launch “to inspire people.”

Adam, Alkis and Phil share their thoughts on why Mike went through with the launch, despite knowing the overwhelming risks, how the flat earther aspect of his life changed perceptions of his death, and if he could have been talked down from performing the dangerous stunt in the first place.

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