The Document Manager - SwiftCase


Manage uploaded and system created documents

The document manager is a powerful panel on the Task and User profile page. You can upload documents of your choice, or store documents that are automatically/manually created on the task. It can be found underneath the status widgets on the task page, and above the Task List on the User profile page:

Drag, Drop and Send

It’s as simple as dragging and dropping to upload a file onto the task. You can control the Permissions of the files by clicking on the cog. ‘Public’ gives permission for Clients and Client Contacts to see and download the file. ‘Private’ limits visibility of the file to Internal Staff or Experts.

The Auto-send option works in combination with the auto-email event. Enabling auto-send will automatically attach the document to an email that has Auto-attachments enabled in the Workflow Builder like below:


You can disable Auto-send of a document through the cog in the document manager, but beware: if the document is auto generated on another status it may well reinstate the auto-send configuration. This option is controlled by the Document Generation widget or Document Generation event (yes you can schedule the generation of a document, just like an email!) and can also be found on the Workflow Builder.

Edit within the Document Manager


Downloading, editing the name or the description of the document can also be easily performed by hovering over the document itself: