Creating and Editing Questions - SwiftCase


Workflow Questions Overview

Creating questions in SwiftCase is possible either through either the Admin panel or within the workflow builder itself. Editing an existing question is only possible through the Admin section. To learn about the different Question Types go here.

Workflow Questions

In the Questions area, simply click the Create New Question button in the top right corner.You will be presented with the modal below:


The ‘Name’ of the question will be presented to the user as the label of the input field, e.g ‘Road Tax’:

Mapped Name

This field is only required for dealing with any incoming API requests. Sometimes mapping the incoming API requests to our questions requires a specific field value that cannot be changed. You can enter that value here.

Default Answer

This is the answer to the question that you would like to appear by default. It can be overwritten, but until data is entered it wall always show the default answer

Profile Questions

These are questions that are related to the users on SwiftCase, they have a more limited range of types. To add or edit these you can also use the Admin Sidebar section:

These are created in much the same way as workflow questions, with a key difference.

Choose User Types

You can choose which user types the profile questions will appear on. This will limit these fields to only the user profile of the user type.