Workflow and Profile Questions - SwiftCase


Questions Overview

Questions are one of the cornerstones of SwiftCase. There are two types of questions: Workflow Questions and Profile Questions. Visit Creating and Editing Questions for a guide to creation.

Workflow Questions

These are questions that are related to the custom workflows that you are using. They will be present on a form in any of the statuses on that workflow.

You can create questions via the Admin section of SwiftCase, found in the Sidebar. 

Once on the Questions page, you can create, edit and filter questions.

Workflow Questions can also be created (but not edited) on the Workflow Builder. You must drag and drop a Form widget from the available actions in the Forms & Actions section of a status:

You can then drag and drop a question onto the form itself. These questions will appear on your chosen status and the entire form can be configured to be visible to different user types.

Profile Questions

These are questions that are related to the users on SwiftCase, they have a more limited range of types. To add or edit these you can also use the Admin Sidebar section: