Using Question Answers in Email/Document Templates - SwiftCase


Data Tags Overview

One of the prime benefits of SwiftCase is the convenient funnelling of information directly into templates. So much administrative time has traditionally been wasted copying and pasting data between documents for various purposes. SwiftCase allows you to auto-populate data from any source in SwiftCase using Task Information Tags.

Task Information Tags

When you have assembled your workflow using the Workflow Builder and uploaded your templates to the Document Templates or Email Templates section you can begin inserting the Task Information Tags .

User Tags

User tags allow you to insert information about any user associated with the Task. These are usually the Case Owner, Client, Client Contact or Expert (NB. some names are system specific).

Simply open the panel for the user relationship you require and copy the tag that is relevant to the template. This is now available to be pasted anywhere in your document template:

Question Tags

Similar to the User Tags, Question Tags will pull through the relevant answers to the template, simply copy the relevant tags in the same way.

Task Tags

Task Tags will pull through information related to the task outside of question answers. This could be the task reference itself, the date it was created or any images loaded into the document manager. Any Costs & Fees associated with the task can also be accessed here .