Add a User Email Account - SwiftCase


Email Accounts Overview

Adding a user email account to SwiftCase allows tight integration with your business processes. You can easily send documents and information templates directly from within a Task, and ensure that all important information is logged in one place.

The Email Accounts Panel

The Email Accounts Panel is found on the user profile page, below the profile picture.

Create or Edit an Email Account

Open the panel and choose Create to add a new email account, or hover over the existing email account to Edit.

Clicking Edit or Create will open a modal as below:

Email Provider

SwiftCase offers a number of providers: Outlook, Gmail, iCloud, Exchange and Yahoo!

Account Name

This is the name you would like the recipient to see, rather than just the email address.

Make this your default account?

Your default account will be the account that sends emails unless an alternative is selected. You can choose an alternative account when you click Compose Email on a task or in the quick actions.


You can paste html into this area and the system will include it on any email out of SwiftCase. Click the <> button at the top of the textarea to edit the html directly.

Alias email address

This is an alternative email address that will provide a different ‘reply-to’ address for the recipient. This is not always effective on gmail accounts.

Enable the mailbox for your account?

This is for those systems that have inboxes enabled. If your system does not have this as part of your package then this will not provide a mailbox option.


If you have issues verifying your account, please make sure that you have third part apps enabled on your gmail account (if this is your provider).

Visit here to enable this.