Task Notes in SwiftCase - SwiftCase


Task Notes Overview

Task notes are much more than they appear. Not only are they a useful place to store additional information related to a task, but it is also a vital store of some actions that are performed automatically. It is also a very powerful way to log discussions around a task, and get other users involved.

The Task Notes Panel

The Task Notes panel is found at the bottom of the Task page, underneath the Document Manager panel.

Any emails that are sent by the System or a user are logged in the notes section, with any attachments also logged.

Add a Note

Clicking the ‘Create’ button, or using the Note widget will give you a modal as above.

Choose a note type and then which user types you would like to be able to see the note (Client and/or Expert). Internal users will see all notes regardless of options chosen here. Notes can also be deleted from a task, and the visibility can be altered after creation:

Note Tagging

If Tagged Notes is enabled on your system then you can tag another user by typing an @ symbol and then their name (much like a popular social network app). This is a fantastic alternative to email: each communication regarding the task can now be found on the task itself: no more digging around in your inbox to find the relevant information.

Once selected, you will see the user automatically added to the ‘Users to notify’ field. Once the note is added they will receive a notification when they log into SwiftCase (and an email if you check the ‘Send email?’ option – which will also include the text of the note and a link to the task!).