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Creating a user in SwiftCase can be performed in two main ways. Automatically via a Scheduled Event or manually on the User index page, or on the Task Creation page.

Manually Creating a User

There are a number of places in SwiftCase to manually create a user:

User Index page

The User Index page can be found by clicking the Users link on the sidebar.

The User Index will default to the Client view, but Internal Staff/Team Members, Client Staff and Experts can be toggled underneath. The Create User button can be seen in the top right corner of the User Index page.

Why can’t I create a Client Contact?

You can only select Client, Internal Staff or Expert (if available) in the Create dropdown. As a Client Staff user is always associated with a Client to add a Client Contact/Client Staff you need to hover the cursor over an Existing Client to add see the options below:

Task Creation page

One of the most straightforward ways is to create a task (see here for full instructions).

When you create a task you are presented with the New Task page:

Creating a Client

Click Create New Client to add a new Client, or choose an existing one. A Client in this instance would be the Client Organisation rather than the individual ‘client’ who you may be dealing with. If you are dealing with a sole trader, or an individual,  you can create a Sole Trader/Independent client and any other sole traders/independent clients can be added under this category as Client Staff.

Creating a Client Staff/Contact

Once you have selected your existing client or created a new one, you will be presented with the Create Client Staff button. This is where you will create a profile for the individual who will be representing the Client. Fields for email, phone etc are here so that any contact automations can find their target.

Usernames for Client Staff/Contact

The username/password fields are only available if you have your SwiftCase configured to allow Client Staff/Contact logins.

Creating Internal Staff/Team Member

Creating an Internal User is similar to Client Staff/Contact. You must choose the username (one is auto-generated based on the name of the user) but this cannot be edited later. A password can be auto-generated but there is an option to send a new user an email to select their own password.

An Expert is a user type that is used for either internal or external users who need limited access to the system to perform some actions in a Task. They would often be assigned to a specific status to perform an action/fill out a form but would not be given the same access to Tasks that Internal users have.

For more about User Types please visit here.

Creating a User Automatically via Scheduled Events

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