10 ways automation can improve your productivity – Part 2

Updated 23/12/2020

Following on from last week’s blog on the subject, we look at five additional ways in which automation can improve your productivity.

6) Cut forms down to size

When gathering data required there can be a mass of redundant information, which through training of staff can be omitted. However, this means only a trained member of staff can gather the necessary information or clients need a manual just to give you the details you need to carry out their request, putting many potential prospects off. Through SwiftCase’s smart forms you can dynamically tailor the questions while the user is entering their information, making sure that you get the details you need the first time, without having to go back to them to ask for further details.

7) Locate missing data

Chasing up clients or colleagues for missing information, so, that you can proceed with their case, wastes time and stalls progress. SwiftCase will automatically contact the person or organisation responsible for missing data, and chase them, with escalation to senior staff members, letting you get on without repetitive and mundane tasks getting in your way.

8) Recurring Tasks

Repeat business is profitable, but it also means repetitive admin. Setting up the tasks each week, month or quarter, remembering to invoice and getting any required information for your client, can all become a tedious chore. With SwiftCase you can set up recurring tasks, which will automatically drop into your work queue when they are due to be started. You can put in a specific number of occurrences or keep repeating the task until further notice. You can even get the workflow to email your client or colleagues before you start, so, that the information you require is already there before you begin.

9) Compliance

Keeping up with changes in rules and regulations that affect your business can be a job in itself. Making sure all your staff are following your policies is harder still. Incorporate your requirements into your SwiftCase workflow, and you can ensure that you are compliant without lifting a finger. Document the process in the audit log, and you will always have the evidence that you have stuck to the rules.

10) Insight

Tracking customer and employee performance can be a full-time job, in fact, HR and business development roles will involve a significant amount of time doing just this. Rather than spend time calculating Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to see which customers are giving you the best return or making sure that staff are maintaining healthy levels of productivity, why not automate the whole process? Build your favourite statistics, in SwiftCase, to get the insight you need into your business and have them display on your dashboard or save searches so you can get to the data you need at the click of a button. If you’re interested in automating your business processes with a powerful, cloud-based software platform, get in touch today.
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