10 ways automation can improve your productivity – Part 1

Updated 23/12/2020

Automation and ‘robots’ are becoming high-profile subject matter across recent news stories and political commentary. Fear over automation leading to ‘robots’ taking over professional work, in the same way as the industrial and digital revolutions affected manual workers, is rife in the column inches of our news outlets. Are we headed for mass unemployment or does the future hold something brighter arising from the robot revolution? As a business that specialises in intelligent automation of business processes, we take a keen interest in the brave new world we are witnessing, and we see the myriad of benefits for not just businesses but also employees in those industries. Just as the industrial and digital revolutions led to an explosion in productivity, they also created a plethora of new, and in our opinion, much more satisfying jobs. Progress, however, doesn’t happen overnight, and there are plenty of ways that you can take advantage of the automation advances to improve productivity and work satisfaction in your business today.

1) Read your emails

According to research reading emails wastes the average office worker a frightening 2.5 hours a day, couple that with the fact that another study found 80% of emails are not worth reading, and a better solution for email management seems a no-brainer. SwiftCase can read your email inbox, create tasks to follow up, reply to the message for you, or assign the work to the right team member using our automated Task Allocation.

2) Assign work to staff

Allocating work to your team, ensuring that they are doing the work they are best suited for and everyone is doing an even share can be a headache, especially when you manage a large area. Putting this alongside managing when staff are off work on holiday or sick, the task becomes even more irritating. SwiftCase automatically takes the work details and intelligently matches them with the best person to do the job.

3) Remember to remind yourself

Need to remember to call that customer to see what they thought of the proposal you have just sent them or to chase up a colleague for that report you need by Friday? You could write it all down in your diary, write in on a post-it or even put it on your iPhone or Google calendar, but what if you get side-tracked, the phone goes, a colleague knocks on your door, or the fire alarm goes off for the annual fire drill? SwiftCase can automatically create reminders for you when you need them, without you having to remember that you need to remember. Making sure you do not miss important tasks, and also keeping processes consistent and professional across the workforce.

4) Keep your client informed

Clients like to know how you are progressing with their work, often leading to constant phone calls and emails, which interrupt your flow. By breaking down your tasks into logical steps inside SwiftCase, not only does this allow for consistency across your business but also to send automated status notifications to your clients, avoiding unnecessary disruption.

5) Create complex and compliant documents

How often do you find yourself typing the same letter or document over and over again, or cutting and pasting blocks of text into a template to ensure you have uniform wording across your organisation? Getting the content right could make the difference between being compliant, having a watertight contract or leaving yourself open to litigation. SwiftCase uses document templates and intelligent logic to make sure that your documents and reports are consistent, compliant, and correct, as well as, being able to generate automatically at specific points in your business process. If you’re interested in automating your business processes with a powerful, cloud-based software platform, get in touch today.
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