Reminders in SwiftCase

Reminders Overview

Reminders are a useful way to visualise  and action smaller tasks that are not necessarily part of the standard workflow process. Creating a reminder from within a task is a powerful way to make sure any crucial information or communication is not buried in a mountain of emails!

Create Reminders in a Task

To get the best use out of reminders you can create them from within a task: through the Quick Actions,  a Task Widget or  an Automated Event. We will cover the first two in this section, please visit the Automated Event page to see how to configure the automated creation of a reminder.


There are currently three types of reminder:

  1. Note
  2. Meeting
  3. Scheduled Workflow


The first two are just ways to classify the text you are writing in the description, but the Scheduled Workflow is an extremely powerful way to schedule the creation of a Task. This option will schedule the creation of a new Task of the same kind you are currently in.

Date due

This will be the date and time you would like the reminder to be created.

Notification period

This is the time period before the due datetime of the reminder.


This option allows you to create a number of repeating reminders depending on the end date.


A short message that will appear on the reminder event.

Who is the reminder for?

To create a reminder on a users calendar, you must choose the users in here (even if it is for yourself). You can add multiple users.

Email reminders to Users?

This is to send an email at the time of creation with the details of the reminder. Useful if you want to create an event in an external application.

Managing Reminders

Once created, you can manage your reminders in the list under the calendar view:

You can edit, change the user, email the user or mark as complete. If you cannot see a particular reminder, check that the date range at the top of the screen is sufficiently wide enough to encompass all potential reminders.

Create Reminders outside a Task

The process is the same for creating a Reminder outside of a Task, but you will not be able to choose the Schedule Workflow option.

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