5 Ways to Increase Your Team’s Efficiency

Updated 03/02/2021

Delight your clients

It costs five times more to obtain a brand-new client as to retain a current one?

Conquering client churn will secure your team stronger success, and with satisfied clients greater inclined to introduce your company to additional clients, it is win-win.

Keep your customers in the picture with work status. Guarantee that you reach your service-level agreements. Commit an account manager to get an extensive knowledge of your client’s requirements.

Increase customer engagement outside of just providing your products and services. Provide additional services that compliment your core offer. Build a community of which your clients can feel part. Remind your customers of their value to you.

Take charge and deliver outstanding customer service.

If you are pleasing your existing clients, you will find it effortless to build your customer base, without losing them quicker than you can add further clients.

Integrate your services

Seamlessly uniting your products and services, with your customers, whether you have a B2B or B2C proposition, makes it simpler for your customers to work with you.

Providing clients access to your services through an online gateway, enabling them to follow development, and make additional purchases, should not be limited to e-commerce firms.

If your clients run their own software, then integration via an API (application programming interface), means that your systems can communicate with each other instantly. Transfer work back and forth immediately and without data entry glitches.

If your customers can utilise your services from their software, at the click of a mouse, they are far more prone to use your assistance, and you will sell extra.

Know your process

Do you find yourself clarifying the same inquiries over and over?

Are you forever fighting fires?

Every time you have to think through what your team needs to do next, to provide a service to your customer, you are wasting time and leaving your organisation open to missing something important.

If you don’t understand the systems that you operate in your team, then it makes it impossible to provide a consistent offer to your clients. It also makes it very hard to train new team members or delegate work to those who don’t regularly perform a task.

By having an established and precise workflow for everything your team does, you can maximise standards and, ultimately, become more prosperous.

Automate your processes

Automation is a hot buzzword right now. At its core it is an easy concept, if you redo something over and over, then make a machine to do it. The automation may be anything from selecting a team member, who is in the best place, at the correct point, and with the appropriate talents, to a job, to sending an email, when something happens.

Merely introducing rules of when something should happen and the steps that must occur, you can stop losing time on monotonous responsibilities.

You can even automate intercommunication with customers and leads by the application of chatbots. These clever robots, can communicate with potential and current customers via your website, and accept the data you need, without needlessly tying up team members.

With the appropriate means, you can automate your processes, and free up your time to focus on making your business more successful.

Concentrate on your goals

If you want to be unbeaten in anything, you need to recognise what you require, why you desire it and how you are going to achieve it. Whatever you want to accomplish you must have a strategy and put the energy in to implement it.

Study your long-term, major, aim and pick on what you require to do this year, this quarter, this week, today, to realise what you crave.

Don’t misuse time on comprehensive day-by-day preparation for weeks away. Too many outside circumstances can alter the result, and your program can instantly sink, demanding re-planning – more time blown. We use a few yearly goals, 2-3 quarterly aims per team member, and a comprehensive daily job schedule.

Don’t get distracted by trivial diversions – standardise, automate, outsource, assign, integrate – and focus on what matters.

SwiftCase helps thriving businesses, swamped by growing demand, automate and organise, to focus on what matters — loved by 1000s of users across Insurance, Finance, Legal, Service & Contractor sectors.

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